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Who could benefit from using an inkjet multifunction printer?

Marketing, Sales, Planning, Engineering, Design, Human Resources are just a few who could benefit from utilizing an Epson multifunction unit.

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What are some benefits of using an EPSON® WorkForce Enterprise MFP?

Super Fast Print
Speeds of 60, 75 & 100 pages per minute. Fast finishing for standard stacks at 92 ppm, shift stack 71 ppm, stapling 67 ppm, 2/3/4 hole punches at 54 ppm and booklet making at 15 ppm! Averaging over double the page per minutes of older products, the new Epson’s are super fast!

Low Cost Inks

  • up to 50,000 pages before ink cartridge replacement
  • extremely fast drying with less intervention
  • sharp text
  • bright colors
  • brilliant business color
  • fast drying ink
  • smudge, fade and water resistant archival pigments

Contact LFW Office Solutions in Southwest Michigan if you are looking for low cost toners & ink cartridges for your current printer/copier multifunction options, or to find out more about the eco-friendly Epson products available in your area.

Easy To Service
Epson has service cost advantage long lasting parts, save 50% on service costs, no need to wait for the printer to cool down to perform maintenance, engineered to decrease downtime and interventions, few moving parts to reduce the number of potential failure points that may require intervention. Has lower costs for supplies, printing and service than compatible laser printers/inkjet printers. The paper (media) does not touch the ink delivery system (print mechanism); inkjet printers support a broader range of paper types. Inkjet printers are less complex with fewer break points and serviceable parts, are reliable and designed for business applications.

Eco-Friendly Energy Consumption
Uses up to 50% fewer consumables and replaceable parts vs. select competitive laser devices. Reduces electric consumption, helps to reduce waste with sharp image quality, consistent cost effective color & fast printing. Helps maximize uptime with high productivity and low cost of ownership.  Inkjet technology advantages offer lower energy consumptions because they don’t need heat to melt toner at high print speeds. Inkjet printers produce less waste than comparable laser printers because there are fewer imagining components to replace.

Simple 110 Volt Plug
Plug into a simple wall unit!
110 Volt Machine, 100 Pages per minute.

High Print Speeds
Fast printing to help maximize uptime with high productivity printing and low cost of ownership. Heat Free Technology is unique next generation with high resolution print head, fast print speed, low energy consumption, no warm up time, fast first print paper, commercial grade reliability. Extremely fast drying time! Low ink cost, less intervention, sharp text, bright colors, brilliant business color, fast drying ink, smudge fade and water resistant archival pigment inks.


Buyers Laboratory Test Results (BLI Reliability certified 2018) – Workforce Enterprise c20590 demonstrated advantage over competitive laser models tested. Less downtime to change user replaceable items over 1M page test vs laser competitor, less consumables waste generated vs compet


Toner & Ink Management Program Saves 20% or More!

Toner & Ink Management Program Saves 20% or More!

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