Stop Making your staff shiver, warm up the office flyer.

NOAA predicts the “Mitten State” is going to see wetter-than-average weather conditions statewide for December through February. Part of the state is expected to have an increased chance of colder-than-normal temperatures.

Michiganders are in for a nasty slick winter & with that, comes the cold.

Bust out the beanies and gloves, be ready to bundle up!

With the cold comes issues for business owners, HR departments, and employees.

Cold wet conditions are in the forecast this 2022 / 2023 winter season [December – February] with Southwest Michigan seeing an increase of snow and ice compared to previous years.

s Linked to Lower ProductivityPublished August 7, 2015 by the Association For Psychological Science online

“…Cornell University psychological scientist Alan Hedge determined that workers are more efficient when they’re warm…women were significantly more productive when their office was kept at a warmer temperature.    At 77° F (25° C), the women were typing 100% of the time with a 10% error rate. But, when the temperature dipped to a cool 68° F (20° C), typing rates plummeted and error rates rose to 25%…comfortable thermal zone saves employers about $2 per worker, per hour,” says Hedge.    Overall, Hedge and colleagues estimated that companies could save up to 12.5% of their wage costs per worker by raising the temperature a few degrees…   A new study, published in Nature Climate Change, suggests that women’s average metabolic rate is 20 to 32 percent lower than this; a finding that helps explain why there’s so much grumbling about frigid offices.” – PsycologyScience.Org

Study Shows Freezing Office Temperatures Affect Women’s Productivity

MAY 26, 2019 | Heard on Weekend Edition Sunday

“…the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, took 543 German college students, put them in a room and made them take tests at different temperatures — ranging from as low as 61 degrees to as high as 91 degrees. The study showed a difference in performance between men and women depending on the temperature. As the temp went up, women did better on math and verbal tasks, and men did worse,” Chang says. “And the increase for women in math and verbal tasks was much larger and more pronounced than the decrease in performance of men.”

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